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'MOT' for nursery age children

Campaigners want children at nursery weighed to prevent obesity later.

In England, one in 10 children aged from four to five is fat, which increases to one in five by the age of 10-11.

School pupils are weighed at the start and end of primary school with the latest figures revealing that obesity levels doubled in that time.

Tam Fry, the spokesman for the National Obesity Forum and chairman of the Child Growth Foundation, thinks that the current measures are not enough to halt the growing crisis and said earlier interventions would “significantly reduce obesity”.

He said: “We have to check our cars every year by law to ensure they are ticking along nicely and penguins at the zoo have annual checks to make sure they're in good health.

The organisation is pressing for the weigh-ins to be introduced as part of the Government’s strategy on childhood obesity, which is due in the New Year.

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