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Myweeteepee appoints Butterfly as its PR

Myweeteepee has joined forces with Butterfly for PR and marketing across their range of handcrafted British-designed teepees for children and pets.

Beautiful in design, the teepees create a focal point in any room and offer children a perfect hideaway to snuggle, read or role play in.

Myweeteepee are high quality products made from durable fabric and solid poles in order to be as secure as possible.

They are easy to put together and come complete with a carry bag, matching non-slip play mat, bunting as well as stunning detail such as bow ties, cute windows and themed embroidery.

Little people can let their imagination run wild.

"I am thrilled to work with Myweeteepee," said Kelly Jones of Butterfly.

“I fell completely in love with the range at the Harrogate Nursery Fair and am so excited to embark on the amazing journey Kate and Gali are on with their brand.

Anything which captures the magic of childhood through play is a winner in my book!"

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