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Building a new Nest for young ones

TumtumNest, a young and entrepreneurial family business have launched a unique design and product development service.

With a real knowledge of what it’s like to be at the sharp end the team at Nest are able to offer unrivalled support and direction for brands looking for the ultimate design solution.

The founders of Nest, have been developing homewares and nursery products for both retailers and suppliers for more than 25 years, having successfully brought numerous highly commercial products to market, and won a great many awards. Having also created their own multi-award winning global children’s dining brand, Tumtum, they bring something extra to the table; a real understanding of what it’s like to be the client, with an acute awareness of the pains and joys of creating and building a new brand and product range.

Thanks to their first hand experience successfully designing, manufacturing and bringing products to market Nest are able to provide unparalleled support with a wealth of knowledge to give direction, advice and practical help in all aspects of new product development at whatever stage in the development process, including all pre- and post-production elements.

Whether individuals have an idea on the back of a bit of paper and need help with product design, CAD modelling, prototyping, brand development and packaging design, or the early leg work has been done and now the brand needs support with factory selection and liaison Nest is able to help.

Design is a powerful tool when used properly. How a product looks, how it functions and how it is manufactured and packaged are important considerations for it to be commercially competitive in the market place. It is undoubtedly an area brands shouldn’t take lightly. Speaking about the expansion of their services, Andrew Stokes Co-Founder of Nest said: “It is truly inspiring for any individual to create an idea in their minds – but taking it to the next level and ultimately progressing to market is a whole different ball game. Having worked tirelessly, and with a lot of patience over the past 25 years with major UK retailers and suppliers, to create new brands and product ranges and then do the same for our own range, it suddenly dawned on us that this experience could be invaluable to others.

He continued: “Over the last three years we have already started working with a number of brands at varying stages of their journey. We are always excited to talk about the work we are doing, but equally understand that for many brands they would like to retain the strength of their brand and therefore we stand in the background and remain anonymous. Ultimately we are here to deliver whatever level of service companies need and adapt to their meet their needs.”

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