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New baby carrier from Cybex

The global company renowned for its luxurious car seats, baby carriers, and pushchairs, has introduced a new outward-facing baby carrier, designed with parents’ needs in mind

The new Beyla Twist, which is part of the Cybex Gold collection, is a healthy ergonomic carrying solution that encourages the close bond between parent and their newborn.

Deemed “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the carrier supports the healthy development of a baby’s hip joints.

With four comfortable carrying positions, the ergonomic seating ring can be adjusted to the baby’s size to maintain the natural spread-squat position. The Beyla Twist offers mums and dads more freedom of choice to carry their baby in a way that is most comfortable and natural to them. The positions include front inward carrying, hip carrying, back carrying and front outward carrying.

Featuring a fast and convenient click-on and click-off mechanism with safety lock, parents can pre-adjust the carrier to their preferred width and height in just a matter of seconds, so that as a baby grows from newborn to toddler (approximately two years, 3.5kg-15kg), the baby remains healthy and comfortable, whilst supporting the natural curvature of a baby’s back.

Additional features include the soft padded adjustable waist belt for comfortable carrying and a snug fit, the padded shoulder straps, which can be worn crossed or parallel for comfortable weight distribution, and the extendable multifunctional head and neck panel, which can be adjusted for additional head and neck support.

Loraine Morgan, Marketing Manager at Cybex said: “Here at Cybex, we understand how important it is to have an ergonomic carrier that enables each parent to maintain the closeness and bond they have with their baby. Therefore, we are delighted to be launching the Beyla Twist, a full buckle and ergonomic carrier that offers four carrying positions, whilst ensuring a safe and secure comfortable fit.

The Beyla Twist outward facing and back carry positions are suitable from six months to two years, side carry from approximately three months when baby can hold up their own head, and front facing from birth to two years. It is available from the end of May 2018 in national retailers and independent stores, with an RRP of £100.

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