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New ‘My First’ product range launches for The Snowman and The Snowdog

A gorgeous new ‘My First Christmas’ range for The Snowman and The Snowdog brand, unveiled at Toy Fair, will be available to consumers for Christmas 2016.

Damian Treece, Brand Manager for Snowman Enterprises at Penguin Ventures said: “We are incredibly excited to see this new range come to fruition in time for Toy Fair. The infant sector shows encouraging signs of growth and is a key demographic for The Snowman brand. The design treatment in ‘My First’ style guide is fresh and has a contemporary feel which lends itself to development across a wide range of product. We look forward to seeing families celebrating their child’s first Christmas with The Snowman and the Snowdog.”

The new range, designed specifically for the baby and nursery sector, utilises artwork from a specially created style guide and features a softer colour palette and design treatments for infants.

Rachel Clarke, Licensing Director for The Copyrights Group, Licensing Agents for The Snowman and The Snowdog, said: “We are delighted to launch this gorgeous new The Snowman and The Snowdog ‘My First’ initiative for Christmas 2016. The beautiful range of products features specially created infant designs and will be the perfect extension to the already established licensing programme.”

The beautiful new ‘My First Christmas’ range will include an endearing plush collection from Rainbow Designs featuring My First Snowman and Snowdog Comfort Blankets, Ring Rattles and Jingle Bell Booties. There will also be a beautiful gifting range from Widdop & Co and wooden preschool toys from Milly & Flynn.

Development is also underway with an infant apparel collection and a range of book formats including a buggy book will be available from Penguin Children’s Books.

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