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New prehistoric pals from Cosatto

It’s time for Kids to show the grown-up’s whose boss and unleash their inner Roar-some with Dino Mighty and Miss Dinomite.

Hatched from happiness and joy, deep within Cosatto’s Magic Mill, it’s the biggest evolutionary event since the World began.

Don’t be afraid, Dino Mighty and Miss Dinomite are far from scary, they are cuddly and civilised.

Grown-ups have given them a bad reputation. They may have a big toothy hood with a smile of pearly whites and a super swishy tail, but they’re your new protective pal. A must-have companion on every adventure.

Time to discover your inner roar and be Dino crazy! Don’t just take our word for it…you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Dino Mighty and Miss Dinomite is available on Woosh, Supa 2018 and Zoomi.

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