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November issue now online

The November issue of Nursery Today is ready to read online.

Welcome to the digital edition of the November issue where we focus on a variety of product categories, with our first being mattresses. Parents would appear to be doing their homework and we are seeing an increase in the number of consumers who understand the benefits to their child by purchasing a specific mattress. Our mini survey from FanFinders (Your Baby Club) this month would suggest that consumers are now looking more closely at the type of materials used n manufacture, the breathability of the mattress and whether it has anti-allergy properties. By stocking a selection of mattresses in-store this could provide you with a great up-sell opportunity when new parents are looking at nursery furniture. Turn to page 16 to find out more.

Our cover this month features Baby Dunlopillo and we take a closer look at their mattresses, heritage as a brand and how their mattresses have become a household name. For more information turn to page 14.

November is also the month where we take a look at the wheeled goods sector. This is perhaps a staple product category for many of you and one which is clearly about function but also products are purchased based on their design and kerb appeal. 

Our regular contributors continue to bring you articles of interest with Ross Hewitt taking a look at how best to utilise Facebook as a marketing tool, John Barker (Pramland) focusses on stock issues and Jenny Kieras (Parent Insights) asks if you are considering the impact of city centre living on your future product development.

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