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Ollies’ blocks reach $100,000 Kickstarter goal

Family run start-up hits target to launch new product.

Ollies has just raised $100,000 on Kickstarter to launch their new line of building blocks that put no limits or restrictions on children’s imaginations and hark back to the days before smartphones and tablets became the primary source of engagement for children.

Ollies’ blocks will be bringing back the traditional, tactile method of play for kids.

Based on the idea that toys should not just entertain kids but should also involve them in productive play, the company will be producing simple yet creative and beautiful building blocks for children aiming to make playtime more engaging and meaningful.

Ollies building blocks interlock to allow children to create objects and explore their creativity while playing with eco-friendly products with a nostalgic design.

The unique design and shape of the interlocking building blocks differs from that of traditional blocks and offers endless possibilities.

With nothing to limit their imagination, kids can create anything they want whilst developing spatial recognition by using three of the four types of child learning; visual, tactile, and kinesthetic.

The blocks are made from excess wood from oak trees that would otherwise be thrown out and safe, colourful plastic pegs that interlock.

Ollies’ blocks are available for pre-order through and will be shipped out to customers in September.

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