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Outsmart bad odours

Prince Lionheart is proud to debut their patented Twist’R Nappy Disposal System that truly does not smell, is easy to use and looks good! 

Twist’R does what other nappy bins claim to do: OUTSMARTS ODOURS.  No kneeling, bending, cutting or tying required. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. Simply drop the dirty nappy, step on the foot pedal, and the nappy and smells disappear!  Twist’R OUTSMARTS ODOURS in four ways: Self-Sealing Doors that isolate dirty nappies, Activated Charcoal that adsorbs odours, patented Twist Technology that seals in odours, and a 7-Layer Bag that traps odour molecules. 

Tel: 020 8997 7054 


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