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Perfect pitch

Fill n Squeeze’s adult version Pouch System, is to pitch their product on 1st May on Channel 4’s new series ‘Buy It Now’.

In the brand new daytime show, hosted by Brian Conley, inventors of new products have just 90 seconds to demonstrate their item in the hope of securing a potentially life-changing order with a national retailer.

The seller aims to convince an audience of real shoppers to buy the product, parting with their personal money, indicated by turning on their light. The audience is in effect a market research group for three professional buyers for large, well-known retail organisations who are watching the seller and the customers. If the seller makes a sale to the audience, they get the opportunity to do business with the retailers, if not they are spun off the revolving stage, making way for the next seller.

The parent company Fill n Squeeze was invented by Rifat in February 2013. Rifat identified that toddlers loved pouches and that feeding on the go was somewhat cumbersome with plastic tubs and heating them another issue when out and about. Toddlers love eating independently and love squeezing. With all this in mind she set about designing a solution to store and transport homemade baby food in reusable pouches, the first of its kind. The Fill n Squeeze system was quickly launched and has sold over 100k kits and well over 2 million pouches worldwide.

Demand for an adult system then struck when parents joked initially about having a pouch for themselves and so she set about designing Nutripouch which was launched in 2017. Nutripouch stores homemade smoothies, juices, energy drinks aimed for active outdoor and health conscious people.

The  ‘Buy It Now’ episode, featuring Nutripouch and has lots of mention about Fill n Squeeze airs at 5.30pm  – 1st May.

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