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Pourty supports the African Penguin with Bristol Zoo

Following the launch of their new grey penguin Pourty Potty and Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer, Pourty have teamed up with Bristol Zoo.

For every new grey item sold a donation will be made to a conservation project to protect the African Penguin. The global population of African Penguins fell by a devastating 70% between 2001 and 2013. There are now less than 18,000 mating pairs left in the wild. There is a substantial risk that this species could eventually become extinct without action.

Bristol Zoo works with a South African conservation centre to hand-rear abandoned chicks and rehabilitate chicks that have been oiled. Observational research on the penguins at Bristol Zoo is also carried out to supply information that helps to understand penguins’ behaviour in the wild.

African Penguins are very sociable animals and the adults form bonds for life as they raise their chicks together. Pourty is delighted to be involved in this project to conserve this wonderful creature loved by children and parents alike!

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