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Proposed Booster Seat amendment

Which? recently published an article targeting Booster Seats and the proposed change in law with regard to their use - Nursery Today spoke with Robert Anslow of The BPA .

Following the recent Which? article published with regard to the use of Booster Seats , Nursery Today felt it only right to gain comment from The BPA to gather a level of clarity.

Robert Anslow, managing director, told Nursery Today:  “The article published by Which? is slightly misleading as booster seats are not to be ‘banned’. The proposed amendment to the current Regulation 44 will mean that a new booster cushion can be type-approved for Mass Group III only; for children weighing between 22 and 36 kg. It will require a label to be placed on the cushion to restrict its use to children of 125 cm and above. 

“Currently it is possible to approve in Group II (as well as Group III), so booster cushions are available for use by children of 15 kg and above (which corresponds to around 3 or sometimes 4 years of age). 

“The change, when introduced, will affect NEW type-approvals only. Group II booster cushions can still be used legally in the UK and Europe as they are addressed under different legislation, which has not changed.”

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