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Raising the temperature

Using a free app, the small contactless thermometer connects to any smart phone (through the headphone socket), it can accurately detect, store and track any temperature.

New Wishbone Smart Thermometer means that for parents, if their little one is under the weather they can take and track their temperature without waking them. In fact the Wishbone Smart Thermometer can take the temperature of anything, including the room! It will change the way we measure temperature and become the must have phone accessory for everyone.

Available from RRP £34.99. 20 August 2015

The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is the smallest and most simple non-contact thermometer that works with smartphones; it will change and improve the way families measure and track temperature. The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is easy to use and the multiple uses of this simple, discrete device are boundless – it can measure you and your family’s temperature, the room temperature, your baby’s bottle, their bathwater or their food – and in just two seconds you have a reliable reading. A completely non-contact, no fuss solution to an everyday problem.

“Makes taking your baby’s temperature monumentally easier” -

· Wishbone Smart Thermometer can accurately detect body, room and surface temperature in under two seconds, the contactless feature means you don’t have to disturb your child while taking their temperature, so you don’t have to break the rule about never waking a sleeping baby.

· Wishbone Smart Thermometer’s unique Y-shape provides the perfect angle for digital temperature reading, and its compact design is the ideal size for travelling or keeping on you at all times. It has a free APP for both Android and IOS meaning it is compatible with most smartphones – making it a changing bag essential.

· For new parents, piece of mind is paramount and for that we need a device that can quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data, so parents know their child is getting better from an illness and can adjust medication and other corrective remedies accordingly. Through the free app, your smart phone will store historical data which can be viewed at a later date for analysis and reference; you can also create multiple profiles for recording and monitoring more than one person. This feature is not only particularly helpful for parents monitoring their baby's recovery, but also for couples that are trying to conceive.

Available on, RRP £34.99.

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