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Ramping up with Tidy Freaks

Keeping your car tidy is for all year not just Christmas.

With Christmas fast approaching the teams at Kidnative and bébélephant, their UK Distributors, continue their ramp up with Kidnative’s new innovative product “Tidy Freaks” (an in car character bin for children) as they continue to be stocked by yet more stores.

Along with continued strong uptake from the independents, the team are now pleased to announce that as well as baby specialist Kiddicare and online retail giant amazon, Tidy Freaks are now also listed with Halfords, and keep your eye out for an announcement in the near future when Tidy Freaks will also go live with the online version of one of the largest UK supermarkets.

If you are interested in getting these little monsters into your shop in time for Christmas then drop a line to either: or

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