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Record breaking expo

KIDS' TIME 2019 - a record-breaking expo, one stop shop for the whole business sector

The 10 International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME spans 9 Expo Halls with 500 exhibitors. From 20 to 22 February 2019, Kielce will be the showcase for companies from 21 countries, including Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Italy. The Kielce exhibition hosts 7,500 business-insiders from over 40 countries from all corners of the world. The Targi Kielce guests meet the leading producers of articles for mother and child. Every year, the expo has broken its own records. In addition to Targi Kielce’s 7 regular expo halls there will be the 2 additional pavilions build to accommodate the KIDS' TIME. The H Expo Hall will be the showcase for prams and strollers, car seats and ... games. Retro games will also be the hallmark of the Relax Zone which makes its début at the upcoming trade fair. The expo programme features seminars plethora, foreign journalists and meetings with blogosphere representatives.

For years KIDS 'TIME has been the one-stop-shop for the whole industry and an excellent opportunity to prosper for new customers. This decade has been held under the banner of doing business for the benefit of the youngest. The rich and diversified portfolio of products on show include the leading textile companies’ offering, Mayoral, Minotti, Geox, Bobili, Sterntaler, Titot and many others have already showcased in Kielce. The exhibition features the latest collections and new products. There is the hall specially designed as the display for the clothes and garments business sector thus a perfect place to present a comprehensive offer to expo visitors. The Kielce’s February business-sector’s convention’s programme will included a fashion show. We encourage all clothing companies to make their in-expo presentations. Not only will it be a chance to promote your products during KIDS 'TIME. This is also a preview for the next Fashion for Kids expo held in June 2019.

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