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Revolutionary alternative

Meet Respiro, the two-stage multipurpose mattress designed to provide the perfect tension for safe sleep.

The Respiro mattress is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional crib mattress, engineered with high tech breathable mesh and open sides, that guarantees 100% ventilation for the child. With open air sides, the mattress uses no foam or stuffing, which eliminates a hiding place for dust mites and bed bugs.

The two-stage multipurpose design provides the perfect tension for safe sleep! The high-tech mesh fabric is stretched tightly on its frame to provide a firm surface for infants (0-1 years) to sleep on and a softer side for toddlers (1-3 years). Respiro also comes with a splash mat, for leaks and spills, laundry bag, to wash the breathable mesh, and tote back, for on the go travelling. 

This innovative product will encourage your child to sleep peacefully and when the child is ready, flip the mattress over to match their growth and development from baby to toddler.

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