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Spilly Spoon launches in Mothercare

Spilly Spoon, the award-winning non-spill medicine spoon that is approved by the BPA, has a new home in Mothercare, UK wide, as of August 2015.

Available to buy in both original Green Caterpillar and Pink designs, this is Spilly Spoon’s second major deal with a national retailer in the last six months (to June 2015).

This simple yet highly effective non-drip medicine spoon provides the correct dosage of liquid medicine and is one of the nursery industry’s essential go-to items, for use at home, on holiday or on the move. Spilly Spoon also gives children the chance to gain more independence by self-administering medicine in a safe and fun way, as they get older. Not only does Spilly become a friend but children will associate with his cartoon-like character.

According to Philippa le Boutillier, the creator of Spilly Spoon and his brother in arms, The Ouch Pouch: “The first few years for any business can be extremely challenging and this year seems to be the turning point for Spilly Spoon in terms of both national and international stockists.

“The nursery industry is flooded with products that might be deemed as impulse buys or non-essentials – particularly for new mums and dads, the choice is overwhelming. Spilly Spoon isn’t a gimmicky or short-term purchase. It really is a labour-saving solution that was borne out of my own experience as a busy mum of three. Finding safe and practical solutions for parents is a gift in itself. It brings me great joy when mums and dads from around the world write positive reviews and testimonials about a product that I invented just three years ago. I am really proud and excited about the new working relationship with Mothercare and look forward to receiving customer feedback over the coming months.”

Available in-store at Mothercare in two British-made designs, Original Green Spilly and Pink for the Girls, having a Spilly Spoon is the best way to get your little ones to take their medicine, either from an adult or themselves: not only during the summer months when the pollen count is at an all-time high but also when children return to school or nursery and many have coughs and colds. A dishwasher-safe Spilly Spoon is a must-have parenting solution for modern day families. RRP is £4.99.

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