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#smartDiscoveries is a Triumph with Parents

#smartDiscoveries, a new summer campaign launched by multi-award winning outdoor toy brand smarTrike, has captured the attention of more than 272,000 parents in its first week.


The new campaign, launched on social media last Monday, featured a video of one tot discovering the fun of the outdoors. The popular video which has been viewed an incredible 138,000 times shows the discoveries one little one makes while out for a ride on his Explorer 5-trikes-in-1, including a dog walking by, ducks in the park and discovering flowers for the first time.

#smartDiscoveries explores the unique child’s eye view little ones have of the world around them from the seat of their trike. The engaging campaign encourages parents to share photos and videos of their little ones’ fun adventures, and what they can see while riding around on their smarTrike.

The unique and already hugely successful campaign is supported by the UK’s leading independent toy and play expert, Dr Amanda Gummer who commented “People’s lives are becoming forever busier and it is easy to forget that the natural world around us offers a truly fantastic playground for learning and play. #smartDiscoveries is a fantastic way to take notice of the simple things around us and for little ones to enjoy all nature has to offer from the seat of their trike.”

smarTrike’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Yael Meir said “We are overwhelmed with the fantastic response to our summer campaign, #smartDiscoveries. It really is astonishing to see so many parents engage with the project and we are thrilled. Our range of award-winning trikes are ideal for offering little ones’ a truly fantastic view of the world around them and we can’t wait to see many more #smartDiscoveries over the coming months.”

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