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SmarTrike discovers new campaign

Amanda Gummer backs new campaign encouraging parents to make #smartDiscoveries with their kids and smarTrike

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The campaign will explore the unique child’s eye view little ones have of the world from the seat of their trike, and the complete amazement as they discover their world for the first time in the city, countryside or the seaside. 

The compelling campaign has the backing of the UK’s leading independent toy and play expert Dr Amanda Gummer. She said: “It is so easy to feel we need to have lots of toys for our little ones to play, but actually the natural world around us offers a truly fantastic playground for learning and play. This campaign is important to encourage families to take a moment to reflect… their little ones have a unique view when riding on a trike – they can see and touch the flowers and look around them. People’s lives are becoming forever busier and it is a great idea to take notice of the simple things around us.”

Parents will be encouraged to share photos and videos of their little ones’ fun adventures, and what they can see while riding around on their smarTrike. One of the best things about being a parent is undoubtedly watching your child learn and develop, and #smartDiscoveries will not only encourage parents to take their little ones out on their trike, but to also take a moment to appreciate their little one’s curiosity over the simplest of things.

“We are so excited to launch our brand new campaign, #smartDiscoveries. In today’s society it is easy for children to get caught up with electronic games, toys and technology, forgetting about the wonderful possibilities of the great outdoors,” added smarTrike’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Yael Meir.

“Our range of award-winning tricycles are suitable for little ones from as young as 10 months and offer a great alternative to a stroller, providing children with a unique and special view of the world around them, while enhancing their imagination and creativity. At smarTrike we have always been passionate about encouraging children to make the most of the outdoors, while learning about the environment around them. We really look forward to seeing all our families’ #smartDiscoveries especially as the weather improves and the sun shines this spring!” 


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