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Now tots can snooze in cots

SnoozeShade, the multi award winning range of baby sunshades and sleep aids, is launching SnoozeShade for Cots.

Having received many requests from customers, SnoozeShade is delighted to offer this latest naptime solution to support parents everywhere.

Following on from the popular version for travel cots, SnoozeShade for Cots has been designed to fit all standard European cots or larger travel cots that take a mattress sized up to 120cm x 60cm. It ensures daylight or a strange location will never get in the way of baby’s naptime.

SnoozeShade for Cots blocks up to 94% of light and visual distractions, so baby can peacefully sleep in the cot whenever needed. Compact and easy to transport, it’s also a holiday essential as it allows parents to share a room with their child and still have the light on. The whole family can get the sleep they need. Lightweight, easy to use and with no complicated attachments, it’s truly ideal for home or away. Other benefits include keeping baby protected from insects and cats.

Clever shade panels on the side and top enable parents to modify light to suit their child whilst giving easy access to baby. The side panels can be raised or lowered and the top area can be zipped up or unzipped, even open, it gives baby a shaded area to sleep. The side windows are longer than the travel cot version and start from the very top of the cot. Many cots have movable bases and in the early days babies tend to sleep high up in the cot so, as the base is lowered, the panels enable parents to see in from top to bottom.

For parents who have experienced having to share a room with baby, been worried about maintaining sleep patterns during the daytime, or been woken at 4am by a wide awake baby enjoying the sunrise, the SnoozeShade for Cots is sure to become an essential.

SnoozeShade’s Chief Sleep Officer, Cara Sayer, said: “I’m pleased to give parents what they’ve been asking for – a sleep solution that makes naptimes at home or away simpler, quicker and more convenient than ever before.”

The SnoozeShade for Cots costs £69.99 and check out the website

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