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Spilly Spoon celebrates Boots UK launch with targeted social media campaign

Spilly Spoon, the friendly caterpillar-shaped non-drip BPA approved medicine spoon and his brother The Ouch Pouch (the must-have medicine kit) are now listed within 89 Boots stores nationwide as well as online.

This simple yet highly effective non-drip medicine spoon provides the correct dosage and is one of the nursery industry’s must-have items, both at home and away. Spilly Spoon also gives children the chance to gain more independence by self-administering medicine in a safe and fun way. Not only does Spilly become a friend but children will associate with his cartoon-like character.

According to Spilly Spoon’s founder, a very clever inventor called Philippa Le Boutillier: “I created Spilly Spoon back in 2012 as a busy mum of three who was sick of washing sheets or clothes that were covered in stains from medicine spilling everywhere. I did my research and spotted a gap in the market where Spilly Spoon might sit well. After about a year of testing and research, Spilly Spoon and his brother, the Ouch Pouch (a medical kit containing items to soothe common ouchies and enough room for an Epi-Pen for children with allergies) were launched – with ever-growing interest from both trade and consumer markets around the world.

“From a UK perspective, getting Spilly Spoon listed in Boots is a great honour and I am delighted to have forged positive industry relationships with such a hard-working and committed team. I look forward to seeing the results of our fun social media campaign and getting lots of positive reviews and feedback.”

The Spilly Spoon consumer campaign launched to celebrate his family debut in Boots will encourage adults and children alike to post weekly #SpotSpilly photos of them with their Spilly Spoon, either bought in-store or online via Facebook. Between now and 31 May, the first 10 posts uploaded to the Spilly Spoon Facebook page each Monday morning will receive a gift from Spilly Spoon.

Spilly Spoon is one of the UK’s most trusted non-drip BPA-approved medicine spoon in the UK. Available in three British-made designs, Original Green Spilly, Sparkly Pink for the Girls and Glow In The Dark to assist night time pain relief, having a Spilly Spoon is the best way to get your little ones to take their medicine, either from an adult or self-administering for older children. With lead-in prices at just £4.99 RRP for a Spilly Spoon and £14.99 RRP for the Ouch Pouch, Spilly Spoon is an essential family companion and is even dishwasher proof.

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