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C4's Kathryn Mewes to partner with Summer Infant

Summer Infant UK are partnering with Kathryn Mewes, author of The Three Day Nanny and star of C4 TV show The 3 Day Nanny

The partnership has just launched with the first in the series of the guides for parents, focusing on helping toddlers’ transition from Cot to Bed, which can be found on the Summer Infant UK Facebook page:

The handy downloadable guides provide suggestions on how to prepare for the transition, how to survive the first night, with a round-up of 'Top Tips' to finally say "Goodbye" to the Cot and "Hello'' to the Bed...

In May, Summer Infant will be raising awareness of Potty Training and again will be working with Kathryn Mewes, this time to help parents through one of the more challenging milestones, aiming to make it a more relaxed, stress-free experience by putting “kids in control”.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a leading parent consultant like Kathryn Mewes in our marketing efforts”, says Hashim Yilmaz, General Manager of Summer Infant UK, “one of our marketing objectives is to build Summer Infant brand equity and trust amongst our consumers; so what better way to do that than to provide some really practical help in the form of really useful information from such a credible parenting guru”.

Summer Infant UK will soon be announcing their marketing plans to support the launch of Born Free later this year, which will include further partnering with Kathryn Mewes.


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