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MuslinZ launches its own brand Washable Nappy Wrap in Zero Waste Week

MuslinZ is pleased to announce the launch of a Washable Nappy Wrap this week to coincide with Zero Waste Week.

For some time MuslinZ has been offering Muslin Squares, Prefolds and Terry Squares for those wishing to use cloth nappies. All of these items require a waterproof wrap over so after much research, development and consumer testing MuslinZ now have the perfect wrap to use with all its cloth nappy options. 
The MuslinZ wrap comes in two sizes, can be used with traditionally folded muslin squares or terries or have prefolds laid in. Currently available in White and Mint-Grey stars to match the New MuslinZ cotton muslin range.

MuslinZ has a strong re-useable offering available, perfect for Zero Waste Week – Cloth Nappies, Cloth Wipes and Washable Breast Pads all helping to reduce waste and single use plastic.

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