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Sweet dreams are made of these

Following the growing consumer trend for all-things whimsical and wondrous, Baby GUND is proud to present its new Luna the Unicorn range.

Aimed specifically at millennial mums and dads wanting to create a stylish nursey that is also conducive to baby’s rest and relaxation, the new Luna the Unicorn range is targeted to give everyone a good night’s sleep.

The Luna Pullstring Musical is a soft plush décor item designed to dress baby’s room beautifully.  The item depicts Luna the Unicorn resting her head on a soft while fluffy cloud, embroidered with the words ‘dream’ in a luxurious gold thread.

Luna herself is presented in a clean white fabric. Her mane and hooves are shown in a blush pink colour with slight purple undertones, with her unicorn horn in a very on-trend rose gold shade.

Beneath Luna’s cloud is a hanging golden star in a metallic material.  When pulled down, the Luna Pullstring Musical plays Brahms' Lullaby – a gentle and soothing tune to help baby drift off into a restful night’s sleep.

The Luna Pullstring Musical is 23.0cm tall and retails with an SRP of £27.00, making it an ideal gift for expecting mums and dads, or parents wanting to style their newborn’s nursey with a stylish yet on-trend décor.  

Surface washable and suitable for newborns, the Luna Pullstring Musical is available from, along with other items in the beautiful Luna the Unicorn Collection.

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