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Talking mattresses – organic is best

A recent survey commissioned by award-winning nursery brand, The Little Green Sheep, has looked into parents-to-be's purchasing decisions.

Passionate about educating parents on the importance of selecting a good mattress, the brand were delighted to find that more than 90 per cent of participants considered a mattress as one of their top three most important items

Thirty per cent of parents said that the mattress was in fact the most important item they bought whilst preparing for their baby, however the pram championed the majority vote. Out of the 313 parents asked, 78 said the cot mattress was one of the three most expensive items they bought, with 36 per cent spending more than £100. Although a fifth spent less than £50, the team were encouraged to see that 43 per cent had opted for an organic mattress.

Celebrated for launching the UK’s first certified and chemical-free Organic Cot Mattress, The Little Green Sheep is committed to using their eight years of expertise to provide parents with the highest quality organic mattresses.

Speaking about the importance of a quality mattress, co-founder Mark Nicholls said: “We strongly believe parents should never compromise when it comes to choosing their baby’s mattress. In their first year, babies sleep between 14-16 hours a day, so making sure their sleeping environment is comfortable and safe is vital. We make sure our mattresses are 100 per cent chemical-free to help ensure a safe, natural night’s sleep. Our breathable, anti-allergy mattresses offer lasting support and we’re so adamant parents won’t be disappointed, we offer a five-year guarantee – we’re that confident.”

Although the survey found that the majority of participants valued the significance of buying a quality mattress, it was revealed that 20 per cent didn’t use a mattress protector. The Little Green Sheep believe a mattress protector is essential for every mattress and its award-winning offering has been immensely popular with customers. Super soft and 100 per cent waterproof, it guarantees a longer mattress life. Best of all, it will provide an anti-dust mite barrier and is extra absorbent, offering the ultimate protection against baby’s delicate skin.

The team were delighted to find that only 7 per cent of participants were unaware of the Lullaby Trust’s advice that babies should sleep on a firm mattress. With three types of mattress to choose from, parents can rest assured they are getting the highest quality, safest and most supportive mattress when choosing The Little Green Sheep.

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