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The best just got better

Lansinoh launches new and improved breastmilk storage bags and disposable nursing pads.

For the past 15 years Lansinoh has become a go-to brand for UK mums thanks to its multi-award-winning range of breastfeeding products.  Designed to make breastfeeding as comfortable as it is rewarding, Lansinoh’s care range has been clinically developed, then tested and approved by real mums.

Lansinoh is always searching for ways to ensure that parents get the best possible support and continual product development is at the forefront of this aim.  That’s why Lansinoh has launched new and improved versions of its market-leading Disposable Nursing Pads and Breastmilk Storage Bags.

Commenting on the new products, Lansinoh’s senior brand manager, Lisa Leung said: “At Lansinoh, performance, comfort, and safety are of paramount importance to parents and with that in mind we have made some innovative improvements to the Breastmilk Storage Bags and Disposable Nursing Pads.”

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