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The average under 2 at nursery uses a nappy every 4 hours and with over 3 million children in nursery for at least part of the week, that’s a lot of nappies!

Nappies which mostly use oil, chemicals, bleach and alcohol in their production will sit in landfill for hundred of years after use. Several eco-ranges have popped up in recent years but none has come close to rivalling one of the leading brands which still accounts for 70% of all disposable nappy sales.

The latest range of eco-nappies and wipes launched in the UK late last year was Bamaboo. Made from bamboo fibre and far fewer chemicals than standard ranges, these products are becoming a firm favourite with parents looking for a healthier, kinder product for their baby’s delicate skin. 
The growing awareness of the single-use plastic problem and the government’s veiled threats to ban disposable nappies and wipes last year, has many parents concerned. Not wanting to switch 100% to reuseables they are on the look out for a greener option which provides the convenience and quality of the standard products on which they rely. 

Bamaboo nappies are softer than standard polyester versions and do not give off that odd chemical smell that many parents complain about. They are free of chlorine, latex, PVC, preservatives and alcohol. They are super absorbent and well fitted to prevent leaks. Unlike some eco-ranges, the Bamaboo nappy features the elasticated ruched legs and back panel found on standard nappies and even has a wetness indicator. 

Bamaboo baby wipes are equally impressive; made with 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre and 98% water and plant based ingredients. They are kind to delicate skin. 

Traditionally the eco ranges have been twice the price of the leading standard brand and simply been out of reach for most families. Bamaboo aims to change that. On subscription their Bamaboo Bundles offer eco-nappies and wipes at the same price as the standard leading brand in supermarkets. 

Watch this one! We’re sure that Bamaboo is going to be featuring heavily in the marketplace this year and parents will be asking their nurseries more about their choices on single use plastics. 

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