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The comforting Lulla doll successfully crowdfunded

Not even out of production this little sleep companion for babies and toddlers has been sold to more than 30 countries.

The award-winning and patent pending Lulla doll, aims to help babies and toddlers sleep, improve well being and lead to more stable heart and respiratory rates.

The design is based on scientific research on the positive effects of closeness. The doll imitates closeness by playing a real life recording of breathing and heartbeat from a mother at rest for up to eight hours. By nature babies tune into the rhythm of these sounds and it can help them stabilise their own heartbeat and breathing, resulting in quality sleep and added safety.

After years of development in collaboration with medical professionals this product is being brought to market through crowdfunding and is scheduled to be available for retailers in April this year.

"We are so deeply grateful for the overwhelming positive response we had during our crowdfunding campaign from all over the world. This was the ideal proof of concept for us, when the consumers are the ones to help bring the product to life because they believe in it. Indiegogo is a great platform for that,“ says Eyrun, the CEO of the Icelandic startup RoRo.

Indiegogo is the first crowdfunding platform available worldwide but crowdfunding is the process of pooling money from many different people to make an idea happen.

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