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The customer is right!

Nimble, featured in new BBC series ‘The customer is always right’ – and wins!

Nimble was recently featured in new BBC series ‘The customer is always right’ on April 26th on BBC One – and each episode a winner is picked, and Nimble won! And after all the 15 episodes were shown last Friday, 10th May, Nimble scored the highest points in the whole series with 43.5 out of 50.

The 15-part series is presented by Lucy Alexander and includes popular YouTube personalities like the faces behind LadBaby, Mark and Roxanne Hoyle (3m Facebook followers), who produced last year’s Christmas No. 1 single, and Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer (1.3m Facebook followers).

Each episode sees three entrepreneurs come together to discover what a cast of returning customers think of their products. The customers comprise of famous YouTubers, alongside unknown groups of family and friends from across the country. They’ll test the entrepreneurs' products and unleash their honest thoughts, via video blogs, on everything from the design to the practical use and the selling price. The customers will unbox and deliver their honest, funny and sometimes brutal assessments before scoring each product. And because the customer is always right, they will pick the winner. The entrepreneurs will watch their videos with Lucy Alexander, who will crown the winner.

Did Nimble win? Yes! The reviewers voted Nimble the best product.

Nimble is one of the products tested and is featured in episode five, which aired on 26th April. Nimble is the UK’s first and only range of child-friendly household cleaning products powered by plant-based ingredients. Nimble’s award-winning, patented products are available in major retailers including Boots, Ocado and Amazon and are exported abroad.

Founder Von Sy was interviewed for the show at the Nimble factory in Liverpool, and chatting to his family in the Philippines.

‘Being featured in the show was an amazing experience – and a wonderful opportunity for Nimble. I admit I was pretty nervous, but the BBC crew were great and really helpful. I loved watching the customers’ reactions – that’s not always something you get to see when you sell a product. I can’t wait to see ‘our’ episode!’ said Von Sy.

‘The customer is always right’ is on BBC One Friday mornings at 11am.

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