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The right journey

Baby K'tan places focus of new campaign on the journey of parenthood.

Baby K'tan LLC has announced a new global movement for 2018, calling on their customers to help tell the beautiful story of parenthood. The campaign encourages parents to post photos of their daily lives on social media and tag them with #MyBKJourney.

With the focus placed on the individual, the year-long image series will share day-to-day life through the lens of a Baby K'tan Parent. #MyBKJourney will follow parents along as they navigate the emotional challenges and joys of parenthood, while striving to live their best lives with baby in tow. The campaign calls for the real and the raw, from a home-cooked meal, to a first step, to cleaning a chaotic laundry ridden home, to a moment filled with tears of pure joy.

In reaching out to their loyal and active customer base, the brand aims to have their followers share the unique ways in which they experience the defining moments of parenthood while using Baby K'tan products.

"This campaign isn't about curation. We want parents to keep it real by sharing challenges, like life in the NICU and colic, to giving us a peek at their many adventures, like a day at the theme park or travels abroad," says, Nicole Hempeck, Marketing Manager at Baby K'tan. "From the big moments, to the little moments, and in between, we want to be along for the journey."

The campaign was officially launched at the start of the year with an email newsletter and blog post, viewable at Throughout the year, Baby K'tan LLC will also be sharing weekly #MyBKJourney photos on their social platforms.

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