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theBabaSling for all parents of Singaporean Babies born in 2015

Every Singapore citizen baby will receive theBabaSling this year as part of the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift, an exclusive package being given to Singaporean babies born in 2015 to commemorate the country's Golden Jubilee year.

SG50 is a nationwide effort to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015. As part of the festivities, the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift has been created for every Singapore citizen baby born in 2015. More than 6,500 gift item suggestions were received, and votes from the public determined the final eight items for the set – one of which was a baby sling.

For a UK-based company to have been included as the provider for one of the items is a remarkable achievement. Speaking about theBabaSling being one of the eight items in the Gift set, Daniel Lucas, CEO of We Made Me Ltd (formerly BabaSlings Ltd) said:

“I am so proud that theBabaSling has not only been chosen to help celebrate such a momentous occasion, but that a baby sling has been recognised among thousands of products as a desired parenting item. It is truly, a wonderful practice to support bonding and the baby’s development.

He continued: “It has been an absolute delight to create theBabaSling in a truly unique, exclusive design to celebrate 50 years of independence for Singapore. We send our congratulations to the country and all the new babies born throughout 2015. We wish the parents all the best and hope they enjoy keeping the baby close with their sling.”

Furthermore, We Made Me Ltd, together with Motherswork Singapore (a key local retailer of theBabaSling) will also be offering hands-on workshops for SG50 Gift recipients on how to use the product and a walk-in advice service for parents to learn more about babywearing. For more information please visit

Alongside theBabaSling, the complete gift, which will come in a keepsake case - will be a special medallion, a multi-functional shawl, a set of baby clothes, a diaper bag, a scrapbook, a family photo frame and a set of baby books.
The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) in Singapore, and supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, REACH, the People's Association, and organisations such as Families for Life, NTUC U Family, I Love Children.

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