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Natural state of play

Dëna is a collection of toys made from food-grade platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is a soft, strong, bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic and BPA-free material and is 100% safe.

Due to its minimalist and timeless design, this toy can be used by babies, pre-schoolers and beyond in many diverse ways. It resists temperatures from -60° to 200° and can be used in the freezer, oven and is dishwasher safe.

As Dëna is an unstructured toy, children are not limited to only one way in which the toy can be used thus providing endless options for play. They favour early stimulation, hand-eye coordination and the first grip of baby. They are also great multi-purpose toys that can be used as teethers, for stacking, baking or as a puzzle which encourages children to play in a more imaginative way. Also the flexible material allows the pieces to be turned inside out to form various figures.

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