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TnP Tv Episode 10 is here

Our sister magazine Toys n Playthings has its own TV channel. Check it out. Impressive tech from Engino, out of this world fun with Green Board Games' latest BrainBox game, and Fundamentally Children hits the road.

David Harms, Marketing Executive at Engino brings a robotic friend along with him in this episode of TnP TV.

The Engino Robotics Pro puts engineering and programming power in children's hands as they build seven robot variants from scratch - and all be controlled from a smart device!

Mirella and Green Board Games Marketing Executive, David Harms, enter the space race with the latest Space-themed entry in the popular BrainBox series. And Georgina Dalton stops by to talk about Fundamentally Children's event schedule for the summer, including appearances at the 3Foot People Festival in Chelmsford and Toytopia later in the year. It's al about getting toys in front of consumers and championing their full play potential

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