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Top ten for Cuddledry

The Cuddledry original hands-free towel has been chosen as one of the TOP TEN lifesavers for new mums by the Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine.

The Mail on Sunday picked the Cuddledry hands-free towel as one of their top 10 products for their new mum survival kit.

Cuddledry creators, Helen and Polly, found inspiration at bath time as they watched their husbands struggle when lifting their slippery babies from the bath. And if you’ve ever been in that situation yourself you can appreciate how tricky it can be! The beauty of the Cuddledry towel is that it’s held up by a strap around your neck, leaving both hands free to lift baby safely from the water, no matter how wriggly they are! Now you can actually cuddle your baby dry.

It’s made from natural bamboo fibres too, which means it’s gorgeously soft and snuggly, with a little hood to keep baby’s head warm.

The super soft towel makes bath time both easy and stress free. A welcome solution to a slippery problem!

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