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Totbots and Natural Baby Shower join forces to promote natural nappies

With the average baby going through approximately 6,500 nappies in their early years, parents are not only spending a small fortune on disposable nappies but are also contributing to the three billion nappies that end up in landfill in the UK every year. That’s eight million nappies a day.

This is why award-winning online retailer of ethical and eco-friendly baby products Natural Baby Shower have teamed up with one of leading real nappy companies Totsbots to create an exclusive kit, at a significantly reduced price, for parents wanting to trial real Nappies.

The TotsBots PeeNut Real Nappy Kit has been designed to encourage more parents to ditch disposable nappies and give re-usable nappies a try.

The brand new Peenut nappies are one of the simplest and most effective real nappies on the market, so are perfect for parents who are nervous about the idea of real nappies.

“Their are so many advantages to using real nappies,” explains Victoria Hampson from Natural Baby Shower. “Not only are they so much better for the environment but they save parents a fortune and are much more comfortable for babies to wear than disposable nappies. Plus, babies who wear real nappies generally start potty training 6 months earlier than babies who wear disposables, which has got to be a good thing for everyone involved."

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