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TRU dedicate space to Baby Clementoni

Clementoni is proud to have secured dedicated shelf space at Toys r Us for Baby Clementoni, further strengthening their focus on the Infant market category for Q4 2016 and beyond.

Included within the space are the two 'Stars’ of Baby Clementoni this year  - Sandy Cuddle and Learn Bear - an interactive development plush for babies 6 months plus and the successful T’Rex in both green and pink designed for babies 12 months and older.

Sandy Cuddle and Learn bear will be TV promoted and parents can also download an app which brings Sandy to life on screen. Children can learn A,B,C's and numbers as well as develop their hand/eye co-ordination. Baby T--'Rex has been a huge hit for Clementoni so far and the new and improved pink version, which is also TV advertised, comes complete with a rattle which interacts with Baby T--'Rex to make her move.

Also in the line-up is the Firetruck - designed to teach first letters, numbers, shapes and colours and will be aimed at babies 9 months and above. For toddler years, the Rally Tumbling Car is a fun R/C which teaches numbers through rhyme.

Shahbaz Khan, UK Country Manager for Clementoni commented: "Securing some prominent space within a highly competitive aisle is a huge opportunity for us and we hope this is a great demonstration of how much importance we are putting on the infant category. The Baby Clementoni range includes superb product packed with features at great prices, so we are confident having the dedicated area within TRU stores will give us the right leverage with consumers"

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