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Unique design for ultimate comfort

The Little Chick London’s gorgeous new 2-Stage Comfort Nest has only just hit shop shelves and is already proving a hugely popular stock item for retailers across the UK.

This fantastic multi-functional product is ideal for supervised playtime and naptime keeping babies safely contained in their own snug nest with a super soft breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bamboo cover which is fully washable at 30 degrees. 

The USP of the Little Chick Comfort Nest is a removable wedge so that babies can either lie flat or be propped up to ease reflux and provide better eye-to-eye contact. This wedge can also be used independently tucked under the cot sheet to raise baby’s upper body during the night.

Popular mummy blogger Kira Hut was send a Little Chick London Comfort Nest to try with her new baby daughter Nila and commented: “This baby nest is a godsend – honestly – Nila sleeps through the night now that she has the wedge to prop her up. It’s one of the best products we have – you should be very proud of it!”

The Little Chick London Comfort Nest also folds neatly into its own bag for storage making it compact for storage and travel.

If you would like to stock the Little Chick London Comfort Nest contact Rachelle Harel on: +44 7976 773486 or email:

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