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What really is The Best For Baby?

Independent UK Ratings and Review Site for Pregnancy and Baby Products Gives Brands Unique Insight in to their Audience.

Launched in 2017, The Best for Baby is fast becoming the definitive UK ratings and review site for pregnancy and baby products. With over 200,000 product ratings and 100,000 reviews across over 300 different products, it is trusted by parents as a credible and impartial resource when making purchasing decisions. And creates a valuable resource for brands wanting to get cut-through in a crowded market.

One hundred per cent independent, The Best for Baby awards most highly rated brands across 34 categories with a ‘Best Brand’ and ‘Top 100’ accolade, whilst giving them the opportunity to see additional feedback from their customers.

How it works:
· All ratings and reviews are independently collected and collated.
· It is uploaded on a rolling basis on to The Best For Baby website.
· Covers 300 different products across 34 purchasing categories from car seats to baby food to teething products.
· The top three products are awarded gold, silver and bronze accolades.
· Products are listed by overall rating, quality, value, awareness, popularity and loyalty.

Why Parents Love it:
· All ratings by parents for parents.
· Independent and impartial.
· 96% of parents say it is useful in helping decide which pregnancy and baby products to buy.
· 83% parents would recommend The Best For Baby to other parents.
· 5k+ average monthly web visits from UK parents.

Brand Opportunities:
The Best For Baby gold, silver and bronze logos are completely free to use for brand marketing purposes and sit alongside other free of charge activities such as a weekly ‘win it’ offer and social media support.
Creator of The Best for Baby Paul Petrie said:
“After working in young family market research for a number of years, it became clear that we had such a lot of information which said what parents really thought about pregnancy and baby products and brands. We realised we could create an invaluable resource for prospective parents and help them make the right purchasing decisions for them. And with more visitors month on month, clearly it’s a resource parents are looking for.”
Baby and parenting specialist PR Agency, Azaria, has partnered with The Best For Baby to help connect brands to their customers and drive awareness and reach. Managing Director, Amber Steventon says; “The Best For Baby is a fantastic and unique resource for brands to see direct feedback from their customers at no expense to them. Plus if you’ve got a product parents love – it’s the perfect way to encourage new customers.”

Is your brand rated No. 1 on The Best for Baby? What do parents really think? Find out now by logging onto

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