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Wheels staying on this Youtube bus

Wheels On The Bus outshines Frozen on YouTube’s all-time chart.

Derek Holder launched his Little Baby Bum YouTube channel with his wife in August 2011 in the belief that parents were looking for nursery-rhyme videos on the site.

In 2014, Little Baby Bum was the 36th biggest channel on YouTube with more than a billion views. Last December it had a remarkable 319million views.

In January this year it was the fifth most popular channel on YouTube.

“This wasn’t by design, it was by luck – we were in the right place at the right time,” says Holder. “It’s been mindblowing. Staggering. We pinch ourselves every day.

“The other day, I got an alert saying our [54-minute] Wheels on the Bus compilation was 63rd on YouTube’s all-time chart. I had a look, and number 64 was the theme tune from Frozen.

“I was a bit stunned by the lack of decent-quality stuff. There were hilarious videos: one was Baa Baa Black Sheep and it was actually a goat. In others the sheep was grey or the lyrics were generally wrong.

“It’s gone absolutely potty: for whatever reason, it’s caught the imagination. I can’t quite say why. Long-form compilations are a sweet spot in our genre though,” says Holder.

“From a parental point of view, we know what a pain it is to keep pressing the ‘play’ button. If you’ve got one video that’s 50 or 60 minutes long, you can just press play and leave your child to watch it while you get something done.”

YouTube has recently launched its YouTube Kids app in the US and revealed that family content is its fastest-growing category.

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