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Wheely good idea

Hippychick launches Wheelybug Clinic recycling scheme

Rather than adding to landfill and buying a new ride-on, Hippychick are encouraging consumers to return well-loved Wheelybug’s in need of repair for a tune up and fresh lick of paint.

The Wheelybug Clinic initiative will be headed up by Scott Bateman, a Hippychick employee who has been providing a repair service for used Wheelybugs behind the scenes since Hippychick first took them on 11 years ago.

“Only a handful of people take advantage of this unique facility at the moment” says Julia Minchin Hippychick’s Founder and Managing Director. “But Scott, who we believe to be the modern day Geppetto, has shown such incredible aptitude and dedication in Wheelybug operations, that we have decided to officially launch The Wheelybug Clinic this summer.”

The scheme will form part of Hippychick’s commitment to after sales service – and play a part in protective the environment.

“From our point of view, it’s a positive environmental step,” Julia adds. “Instead of throwing away a toy that is fundamentally sound but might have lost one of its wheels or has a rip in its skin, customers can now take advantage of a professional repair service that has it looking as good as new.”

Dr Scott, as Bateman is affectionately known at Hippychick, has his love of mending and fine-tuning cars to thank for his Wheelybug repair skills.

“Normally it’s just a surface a cut to the skin,” he says of the toys he regularly works on. “What we can do in this instance is re-skin the Bugs. We have all the different designs in the workshop. It’s quite tricky to get the surface absolutely flush with the body but I’ve perfected the art and get it done in under an hour.”

The repair service starts at £15 for a new skin, and extends to new wheels, base boards which can get scuffed or chipped over time, new handles and even new horns and antennae for Wheelybug cows, ladybirds and bees.

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