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Xpanda Bra expands into new colour

Functional and feminine – all-in-one easy to use Xpanda Bra provides comfort and support for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Mamamigo  has added Toasted Almond as a new colour to its Xpanda Bra range of attractive and feminine all-in-one expandable bras that provide adjustment and comfort throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. The revolutionary design enables the cup size to easily be altered when required to adapt to the ever changing body shape, whilst providing good support, easy adjustment and easy access for breastfeeding without compromising on style and shape.

Now available in Toasted Almond (nude) colour, the range also includes black with a coral pink bow and trim, and white with a turquoise bow and trim for an added touch of femininity. Sizes range from 32 to 40 inch band with two sets of hook and eye fasteners, with cup sizes from B to GG, with the adjustable cup size providing an increase of one cup size.

“I am incredibly proud of the fact that our product has been able to help breastfeeding mums and mums to be feel more comfortable as their bodies change, and that we can now offer them a wider choice of colour that they would normally expect when selecting every day bras,” said Declan McDonnell, the founder of Xpanda Bra and MD of Mamamigo. “From our family’s own personal experience, it is such a wonderful time and the journey should be as beautiful as it can be. It’s amazing how just a quick and simple adjustment can make such a difference and help to relieve discomfort and pressure when needed. Just wish I’d thought of it years ago.”

To accommodate the changes is breast size pre- and post-birth, the wireless Xpanda Bra has been designed with a hook and eye fastening on the side of each cup that can be opened and closed using just one hand, to increase or decrease the cup size. This is ideal for changes in breast size due to pregnancy or breastfeeding when the size can change many times in one day, and provides the extra space required when using breast pads. One-hand opening nursing clips are included for easy access when breastfeeding anywhere at any time. Fully adjustable straps and an extra fastener at the back allow for easy amendments to be made for the perfect fit and support.

Measuring and fitting instructions are available on the website:

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